Customer Testimonials

Bhimshen Mishra, Delhi

Very good product, works nice. You need to set mode to Kilogram for getting weight in our standards. One of the good feature is that the, once the weight is measured it locks the value so the measured value remains even after the weighing object is taken out. This can be cleared by pressing the reset button. The accuracy of measurement seems very good as i compared it with the measured value in the check-in counter of Airport. The difference were only less than 100 grams, this could be because they put some tags and stickers. overall its a very good

Jaspreet Kaur , Mumbai

Product was shipped to me perfectly wrapped. I have used this product on different weights and it gave me accurate measurement readings. There was no change in my readings and reading at other weighing machine. I am very happy to buy this product and its accuracy. Its a nice product Very light in weight and calculate almost correct weight. This is best product and this is very helpful if travelling abroad or in flight for luggage weighting Very small so no packing issue.

Neha Joshi, Thane

As a professional baker, i need a weighing scale all the time. I used to work with manual weighing scale before, and this is my 1st Digital one. I would say that this one not only measure in grams but also give to in ml and pound. Also the container is of very good quality and easy to clean. Thumbs up for the product.

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