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About Us

About Company

Katewala is one of India's first and finest online companies that weighing scale products and services to its customers. Our website features almost all the popular brands of India on one platform. This helps our clients browse through various products, compare them, and finally purchase, which seems to be the right fit for them. Besides this, our platform also has multi-vendor opportunities to upload various products and reach out to the customer's requirements and needs. Our services can assist companies, businesses, and even individuals in weighing scale industries. We are proud to mention that India's Government has approved our license to serve and satisfy our customers. 

Our primary goal is to give a wide range of choices to our customers. They can choose the one befitting their requirement and budget limit. 

Now, we know all the trouble you have to go through when a product gets damaged, and there is no warranty. Therefore, we provide a guarantee of one and a half years for all our products. Hence, if you face any problems, contact us, and within days, you would find yourself with a perfect weighing scale or machine. 

The team of Katewala is also providing annual maintenance membership where our customers are entitled to free servicing of their weighing scales and machines. 

Now you don't have to worry about a broken weighing machine anymore. 

Our team and all other vendors have fifteen plus years of experience. Hence, if you find any problem while purchasing or after purchasing, we can help you solve your problems. We provide the best solutions for our customers regarding any questions related to weighing scales and machines. 

We also keep an eye on our products' prices and rates, which are uploaded by our vendors and distributors. This is to make sure that we are showing the best and cheapest rates for our products. 


We proudly mention that we are the first and foremost weighing scale products and service provider in India. 

We integrate many weighing scale companies into one platform. 

Our products can be used anywhere where the necessity of weighing scale is there. 


Why Choose Katewala?


As we know, weighing scales and machines are used almost everywhere now. Whether it's a grocery store, supermarket, bakeries, and many more. Therefore, purchasing weighing machines from a tested source is essential. Here is why you should choose and buy weighing machines from Katewala. 

  • Our team revisits every product to make sure that there are no defects.
  • Our platform consists of different types of weighing scales. If a customer is looking for a weighing scale for his home, we have a separate section. The same is applied to businesses usage. 
  • Besides weighing scales, our platform also features top air and water purifiers. We have purifiers that are sturdy and long-lasting. 
  • Our website has an official approval from the Government of India. 
  • We provide a 15 month warranty period for all our customers. Hence, if any of the products are damaged, we either replace or repair it. 
  • We offer a wide range of products where the customers can browse thoroughly. A lot of options and choices are available on Katewala.
  • We provide services on the same day. And the initial service is entirely free. 
  • Our team doesn't ask for any delivery payments. It is entirely free and lightning-fast. 
  • If any customer is not satisfied with our products, we offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee. 
  • Our customer service team is available round the clock. Therefore, if you face any problems with our products, you can immediately contact our customer service team.

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